Why food traceability?

Traceability is becoming even more important in developing and under developed countries. Traceability is a valuable business tool for farmers as it enables them to trace a product through all stages of production and distribution.

Operational Efficiency

Traceability provides Increased accuracy that allow firms to meet customer demand more efficiently.

It plays a significant role in helping businesses be competitive in the domestic and global market place.

Brand Loyalty

Using a Product tracing system shows your customer that you care about their safety, it assures them that your product is indeed meeting standard requirements. This will have a positive impact on brand reputation.

Cost Reduction

Using a traceability system often results in more accurate inventory management, reducing operational costs and food waste.

Ease of compliance with global regulations

Our solution enhances traceability globally through standardized processes and data will lead to a lower cost of compliance, reduced risk and stronger customer relationships.

Easy to setup, Easy to use

It takes less than 24 hours to setup and deploy all required modules.

Timely and accurate data.

Our solution enables better synchronization of the supply chain, improved and more far-reaching containment capability and greater understanding of demand.

Reduced Recall Costs

Reduces time to access critical data in the event of a recall/withdrawal and reduces the scope of a recall/withdrawal..

Quick inventory

Keep all your farm records in one place. Get real-time insight into daily progress of your crops and activities.

Finance tracking

Manage sales, expenses and cash flow to ensure the health of your finances.

Greater inventory visibility

Enables enterprise-wide visibility to inventory levels, location and status. To seriously reduce inventory waste.

Automated reminders

Interactive and automatic preventative and corrective reminders/notifications.

Expanded Markets

Our product is built to satisfy global standards allowing businesses to quickly enter new markets.

Insightful reports

Real-Time reports help improve production accuracy as well as maximize work flow.

Mobile App

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Mobile Solution

Give your consumer’s access to see how and where their food was grown, not having traceability negatively impacts consumer confidence and customer loyalty for many firms.

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